Steve Mannion was born in New Jersey on September 5th 1965. At 2 years of age he already began to show promise as an artist. "I was just
always pretty good at drawing. As far back as I can remember," says

By high school he was begining to make money with his talent,
painting denim jackets and selling ceramic figurines. Impressed with a
brochure from the Joe Kubert School, Steve interviewed with the
legend. Joe Kubert bought 3 figurines on the spot. Steve adds,
"Whenever I see Joe, he always says, "I still got those clay figures
you sold me!" Steve never misses an opportunity to mention what an
inspiration Joe was to him.

In 1994, Steve began to work in the professional comics field,
securing a day job in DC Comics' bullpen and working on his own
freelance projects at night. By 1998, Steve left DC to freelance full
time and has been doing so ever since.

Steve currently resides in the rugged mountains of northern New
Jersey, enjoying his craft and the surrounding beauty that the area
has to offer.